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"Shannon combines her training, skill and intuition in the service of healing.  She is both patient and gentle in her approach, and has used craniosacral therapy and myofascial unwinding to help me address a difficult and chronic lower back problem."  
Ronda B-H.~ Maryland
"Shannon unwound me a bit and I felt fantastic. Can't wait for my next session!"
Lia M.~Maryland
"It was a wonderful experience and very relaxing. I could physically feel my energy corresponding with the calming energy from Shannon as heat rose off my body. I felt relaxed, calm and more focused.  I am anxious to see Shannon again and very thankful to have experienced this energy!"
Keri M.~Pennsylvania
I am both a practitioner and student of massage therapy and body work, which I suppose can also be called 'energy work' or 'quantum healing' or 'somatic therapy'. Whatever you call it, as part of my education, I have experienced quite a few healing techniques. I have even had treatment sessions with a number of renowned experts in this field. Shannon's skill and technique ranks with the best. I am happy to say with all enthusiasm and honesty that I highly recommend her.
Cathy S.~Maryland
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